The models and video instructions are intended for personal, non commercial use only. Copyright of the origami models and video instructions belongs to the creator/designer/diagrammer. The videos available in this page can be linked, but cannot be uploaded to other sites without my written consent.

  • Heart Flower and Heart

  • Valentine's Day Card

  • Kusudama Flower and Pot

  • Shamrock

  • Mother's Day Card

  • Tessellation technique

  • Castle Tessellation

  • Shirt

  • Primrose Tato

  • Funny Pig

  • Wildflower and Wildflower Napkin Ring

  • 3 Pajaritas

  • Turkey

  • Heart Ornament

  • Santa and Elf

  • Double Windmill Module and Flowers

  • Flowery Box

  • Hexagon from Square

  • Bicolor Spring Flower

  • Graduation Card

  • Masu Box

  • Ghost

  • Pumpkin Tato

  • Blue-Eyed Grass Flowers Quilt

  • Traditional Horse

  • Begonias


Anonymous said...

I'm completely mesmerized!

Anonymous said...

how do you make the heart on the valentines day card

Marcela Brina said...

The instructions for the heart used in the Valentine's Day card are on my first video, "Origami Heart Flower and Heart".

Anonymous said...

Dear Marcele,
I am interested to make the heart shown in the Valentine's Day Card. I had tried to see the video "Origami Heart Flower and Heart" and found it was not the same model. Please advice. Thanks a lot.

Marcela Brina said...

From the video "Origami Heart Flower and Heart", fold the heart module (from the beginning of the video up to minute 5:16), then skip the heart flower instructions and go to minute 7:34, where the heart instructions start. The heart at the end of "Origami Heart Flower and Heart" is the same as the heart in the minute 3:13 of the video "Origami Valentine's Day Card". The extra folds in the center of the heart are used to lock the envelope of the card and are shown in the video "Origami Valentine's Day Card".
I hope this helps! Regards

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful videos .I will try to make them because I like all of them.Have a nice day!

Unknown said...

Огромное спасибо за подробные видио, очень рада что нашла вас, вчера пробовала коробочки для подарков, хочу попробовать цветы и сердечки, успехов вам!

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