Oct 27, 2014

Origami Decorations: Stella Veneziana (Venetian Star)

The Stella Veneziana (Venetian Star) is a very beautiful modular decoration designed by Paolo Bascetta and Francesco Decio.
Origami Decorations: Stella Veneziana (Venetian Star)
The instructions are available in the books Origami Europe: Colour edition, and Origami Europe: Black and white edition.
The Stella Veneziana consists of several modular stars, inserted one into the other. The model in the picture has 7 stars.
Each star is made with eight modules, each one folded with a square of color copy paper.
I used squares of different sizes, from 8½" (216 mm) to 2 1/8" (54 mm).

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Nora Isabel said...

Nora Isabel Nardacchione, muy buena la estrella estoy tratando de poderla hacer, lo Ășnico que me gustarĂ­a saber las medidas.

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