Apr 13, 2014

Origami Quilt

When folding an origami model,  I usually choose the model that I would like to fold first, and then I look for the paper that will go well with it.
This time it happened the other way. I bought some tiny squares (2") called "Transparency Crane Folding Origami Paper", mainly because I was curious about the type of paper, and then I start looking for a model that will look nice folded with them. The paper is a little thick, translucent, with a pattern similar to the floral harmony paper, and it folds well.
I ended up folding a quilt, designed by Tomoko Fuse.
Origami Quilt
The quilt consists of seventeen interlocked modules.  The instructions to fold it can be found in the book, Motif Pastern of Origami, by Tomoko Fuse, ISBN 9784569707730.

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