Mar 8, 2014

Origami Modular: Soccer Ball

Besides being an origami fan, are you looking forward to watching the FIFA World Cup? If so, you'll enjoy folding this soccer ball with the colors of your favorite team.
Origami Modular: Soccer Ball
The Soccer Ball (or Truncated Icosahedron) is an origami modular designed by Tomoko Fuse. The instructions can be found in her book, Unit Origami Wonderland, ISBN 9784817081650, page 76.
It involves a lot (really a lot!) of cutting and folding, but the results are great. I had to use a little glue (but only to connect the hexagons) to make it sturdier and easy to handle.

Below you can find a detail of the modules I used (measurements in inches are approximate, I actually used a metric ruler to get more precision). The diameter of the finished ball was 55 cm (21 5/8")

  • 20 Hexagon modules, folded from hexagons cut from 140 mm (5½") squares of white copy paper.
  • 12 Pentagon modules, folded from pentagons cut from 79 mm (3 1/8") squares of light blue copy paper.
  • 30 Hexagon to Hexagon connectors, folded with 61 mm x 70 mm (2 7/16" x 2 ¾") rectangles of white copy paper.
  • 60 Pentagon to Hexagon connectors, folded with 35 mm (1 3/8") squares of white copy paper.

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