Feb 9, 2014

Valentine's Day Origami: Heart Cufflinks

It's always a challenge to find romantic gifts "for him". But what about this Heart Cufflinks? They are a great choice for Valentine's Day, and for the first wedding anniversary (or paper anniversary).
You can gift-wrap the cufflinks with a Masu box, which is simple and elegant.
Valentine's Day Origami: Heart Cufflinks
The Heart Cufflinks were designed by Francis Ow. The instructions can be found in the ebook, Love Origami Convention Book 2008. Click on the title of the book to download it for free from Origami-Shop.

The masu box is a traditional model. You can find video instructions for the masu box here.

Each cufflink is folded with one 2" (50mm) square of double sided gold paper. 
The masu box is folded with two 6"(150 mm) squares of scrapbook paper. I also added a piece of wrinkled golden tissue inside the base of the box.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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