Jan 26, 2014

Valentine's Day Origami: Star Tatos

A tato is a traditional Japanese purse, a kind of container that can be used to store flat items. Tatos can also be used as an envelopes or letter-folds, to send messages to your love ones on Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day Origami: Star Tatos
The Star Tatos in the picture above were created by Tomoko Fuse. The diagrams can be found in her book, Origami Wrappings, ISBN 441630501X.
I folded each tato with a 6" (150 mm) square of duo origami paper.

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Teresa said...

Hello Marcela Brina, I would like to make the Star Tato by Tomoko Fuse for which you have posted a photo. You reference her book Origami Wrappings ISBN 441630501X, which I have been trying to purchase, but I was unable to find it after looking on many different sites which sell books. I did finally see it, written in Japanese, on Japanese Amazon.com, but have not been able to figure out out to purchase it from that site. Do you know if there is a version in English available? Or if only Japanese version is in print, I would be happy to buy that, since mostly I need the diagrams rather than the written instructions. However, I can not figure out how to use Japanese version of Amazon, so would you be able to direct me to any other source for purchasing this book? Or would you happen to have a used one which you would be willing to sell me?

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