Jan 12, 2014

Origami Toys: Traditional Horse - New Video

The Chinese year of the horse is about to start on January 31th, 2014. Here is very simple traditional Chinese horse that you can fold to celebrate it. It's also a fun model to play with,  just tap its tail and it will flip!
Origami Toys: Traditional Horse - New Video
I didn't mind that this model involves using scissors, it's so fun!
I folded the model in the picture with a 6" (150 mm) square of origami paper.

Here is a video with the instructions to fold it and watch it flip!.

This is also a very good model to apply your creativity skills. Just treat the model as base, and keep shaping it to make your own version. I hope you like mine!  It's folded with a 6"(150 mm) square of Gold Kraft Backed Paper.


Unknown said...

Origami Slinky, a very engaging and fun toy for kids. Also very easy to fold at home. Check out video Instructions here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZ62HGBZ4Ow
for even more origami visit: www.learn-paper-origami.blogspot.com

Harley Rowe said...

Traditional Chinese horse toy, I have looked first time like this toy character. You made it with paper, amazing and wonderful ...!!!. girls toys

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