Dec 22, 2013

Origami Toys: Snow White Doll

Do you recognize this princess? I hope you do! The whole project was a lot of fun, from choosing the size and color of papers to deciding on the hairstyle.
Origami Toys: Snow White Doll
I created the Snow White doll with traditional kusudama pieces and bell flower pieces. I was inspired by the paper dolls from the book Creating Lovely Paper-Flower Dolls.
The skirt is folded with a 10" (250 mm) square of yellow construction paper, the bodice is folded with a 4" (100) square of blue tant paper, the collar is folded with a 3" (75mm) square of white washi paper, and each sleeve is folded with a 3" (75 mm) square of red construction paper and a 2" (50 mm) square of blue tant paper.
I also used a set of Doll head and hands that I bought at a craft store, and a few accessories.

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