Dec 1, 2013

Origami Toys: Dollhouse Living Room

I started folding the love seat, and then the armchair. They ended up being so cute that I couldn't help building a complete living room around them!

Origami Toys: Dollhouse Living Room
I had a lot of fun looking for models that I could use to complete the room. I built the room (floor and two walls) with cardboard and scrapbook paper, but I think this living room will look lovely in a real dollhouse.
The hardest model to fold was the ore, which is the modular decorating the table, not because of the difficulty of the foldings, but because I used small squares of paper.

These are the models in the living room:

  • Love seat, arm chair and cushions, created by Paolo Bascetta. The instructions can be found in his book, Origami, ISBN 9788873870258.  I folded the them with double-sided scrapbook paper. I used a 6" (150 mm) square for the love seat,  a 6" x 4½" (150 mm x 113 mm)  rectangle for the armchair, a 3" (75 mm) square for the top of each cushion and a 2¾" (69 mm ) square for the bottom part of each cushion. 
  • Bookcase. As a bookcase, I used a traditional masu box with a minus divider created by Bob Voelker (more information here). I used 6" (150 mm) squares of scrapbook paper.
  • Books, created by Tomoko Fuse. The instructions can be found in her book, 12 Months in a Small Box - Autumn Winter, ISBN 9784480873408. I folded the books with scraps of origami paper, copy paper and magazine paper. I used a 3"x 2" (75mm x 50 mm) rectangle for the cover of each book, and strips 1¾"(44 mm) wide, of different lengths, for the sheets of the book .
  • Table, created by Yoshihide Momotani. The instructions can be found in his book, Doll's House with Origami, ISBN 9784426301050. I used a 6" x 4½" (150 mm x 113 mm)  rectangle of scrapbook paper.
  • Ore, created by Toshikazu Kawasaki. The instructions can be found in his book, Greatest Dream Origami,  ISBN 9784255005058. I used six 1½" (38 mm) squares of origami paper.
  • Potted plants, traditional models (more information here and here). I used 3" (75 mm) squares of origami paper for the flower pots and the flowers.

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