May 26, 2013

Origami Animals: Scallop Shell

I love to fold simple, but yet elegant and smart, origami models that capture the essence of the subject with just a  few folds.
This is one of them, a beautiful Scallop Shell designed by Tomoko Fuse.
Origami Animals: Scallop Shell
The instructions to fold the Scallop Shell can be found in the book, 12 Months in a Small Box - Spring/Summer, ISBN 9784480873392, by Tomoko Fuse.
I used a 8½" (213 mm) square of Stardream Metallic Paper.

May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Origami: Baby Booties

When celebrating Mother's Day we should not forget the Mothers-to-be.
These delicate Baby Booties, will make a nice gift for expecting mothers in their day.
They can also be used as souvenirs for a baby showers.
Mother's Day Origami: Baby Booties
The baby booties were designed by Tomoko Fuse. The instructions to fold them can be found in her book Origami Gifts.
I folded the baby booties with 4" (100 mm) squares of yellow Kasugamomi washi paper and 1"x 2" (25 mm  x 50 mm) rectangles of green washi paper.

Happy Mother's Day!

May 5, 2013

Origami Flowers: Jasmines

Are you still looking for a last minute Mother's Day gift? These beautiful origami Jasmines will make a very elegant present, and they are easy to fold.

Origami Flowers: Jasmines

The Jasmines were designed by Katrin Yumakov, and the Trihedral Vase was designed by Yuri Yumakov. The instructions to fold the Jasmine can be found here, and the instructions to fold the vase can be found here.
I used 3 ½" (88 mm) squares of copy paper for the jasmines and 6" (150 mm) squares of scrapbook paper for the vase.