Mar 11, 2013

Origami Tatos

I like to fold models with geometric patterns, and tatos are great examples.
A tato is a traditional Japanese purse, a kind of container that can be used to store flat items. It can also be used as an envelope, and it is a great way to send invitations.

These are two of my favorite ones:
Origami Tatos

Origami Tatos
The tatos in the pictures above were created by Tomoko Fuse. The diagrams can be found in her book Origami Wrappings, ISBN 441630501X (in Japanese).
I like these models because, unlike other tatos that are folded with a single sheet of paper, these two models are folded with two. This allows use of the eight corners to create the pattern in the front.
I used 8" (200 mm) squares of Folia Origami Paper, which is the same color on both sides.

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