Jan 27, 2013

Valentine's Day Origami: Candy

"Candy" is another beautiful origami creation, by Shuzo Fujimoto, that can be given away as a Valentine's Day present.
It needs a lot of precreasing and has a little tricky collapse, but the end result is really amazing.
Valentine's Day Origami: Candy
The instructions can be found in the book, Fujimoto World - Twist Fold, ISBN 978-4416312001.

I folded the models with scrapbook paper. I used a 12" (300 mm) square for the big candy, and a 8" (200 mm)  square for the small one .

Jan 20, 2013

Valentine's Day Origami: Heart Locket

The heart locket is a very ingenious and beautiful origami model created by Gay Merrill Gross.
You can put a note, a candy or, even a small object inside it, and give it  away as a Valentine's Day present.

Valentine's Day Origami: Heart Locket

The instructions to fold the heart locket can be found in the book Origami: Easy-to-Make Paper Creations, by Gay Merrill Gross. I folded the ones in the picture with 6" (150 mm) squares of scrapbook paper.
It does not take much time to fold a bunch, so they can also be given as treats in a party.

Jan 1, 2013

More Origami Roses...

Here are two more beautiful cube roses:
More Origami Roses
The rose in the front was designed by Kunihiko Kasahara. The diagrams can be found in his book, Origami New Discovery II, ISBN 9784817080868 (in Japanese).
I folded it with two 6" (150 mm) squares, one of duo origami paper (pink and red), and one regular origami paper (green).

The rose in the back was designed by Jun Maekawa. The diagrams can be found in his book, Genuine Origami √2, ISBN 9784817081506 (in Japanese). All the models in this book are folded from rectangles where the ratio of the longer side to the shorter one is √2 ("A series" paper sizes).
Looking at the models pictured in the covers, it seems that Maekawa's book was recently translated into English and split into two volumes: Genuine Japanese Origami, Book 1: 33 Mathematical Models Based Upon √2 and Genuine Japanese Origami, Book 2: 34 Mathematical Models Based Upon √2. The cube rose is in Book 2.
I folded this rose with two A5 rectangles of paper (148 mm x 210 mm), one pink and the other green.

Happy New Year!