Dec 2, 2012

Holidays Origami: Christmas Tree Ornaments

Origami modulars make great Christmas Tree Ornaments.
Depending on your patience, you can fold the ones that consist of a few modules...
Holidays Origami: Christmas Tree Ornaments
or the ones with many more units...
Holidays Origami: Christmas Tree Ornaments
The modulars in both pictures were constructed with the same module, created by Paolo Bascetta. The instructions can be found in his book, Origami, ISBN 9788873870258 (in italian).
The ones in the first picture consist of 5 modules (the one on the left) and 4 modules (the one on the right); the modular star in the second picture consists of 30 modules.
I folded them with 3" (75 mm) double-sided origami paper.


Linda said...

Marcela, I always love your modulars.. I am currently obsessed with making Bascetta stars, so have to say that. ^_^ Happy Holidays!

Linda said...

Also, I tried looking for places to buy Bascetta's book, but when I looked at it appears to be sold out. Would this book be released under another isbn? Thanks.

Marcela Brina said...

Hi Linda, Happy Holidays to you too.
Regarding the book, did you try Origami USA? (

Linda said...

Oh thanks marcella! I never saw this book before.. wow.. though I am staring at the pdf downloads they have at ousa now. What do you think of this?

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