Nov 11, 2012

Decorated Spiral Box

Many origami boxes show the two sides of the paper. My favorite paper for boxes is scrapbook paper, but sometimes it's not easy to find one that has a color or a pattern on both sides.
As an alternative, I decorated the white side of the paper with some drawings, as shown in the picture below.
Decorated Spiral Box
The box was designed by Tomoko Fuse. The instructions are available in her book, Origami Boxes from a Single Sheet, ISBN 4480872035 (in Japanese).
I used two 6" x 12" (150 mm x 300 mm) rectangles of scrapbook paper, one for the bottom and another for the lid. According to the instructions, the folding sequence starts by dividing the paper into 5ths, both for the base and for the lid. For the base I followed the instructions, dividing the paper into 5 equal parts (2.4 inches each), but for the lid I folded one 2" section and then divided the rest in four equal sections of 2.5" instead (the 2" section is the one that goes inside when forming the box).
With this proportions the sides of the lid are a little longer than the sides of the bottom and the lid fits nicely on it.

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