Oct 28, 2012

Origami Animals: Elephant and Giraffe

World Origami Days started a few days ago (Oct 24-Nov 11, more information here), and Halloween is also coming soon (Oct 31).
Have you considered giving origami models as Halloween treats to celebrate both events?
Here are two simple but very nice models that you can fold for that purpose.
Origami Animals: Elephant and Giraffe
The Elephant was created by Nobuyoshi Enomoto and the Giraffe was created by Fumiaki Kawahata.
The models in the picture were folded with 12" (300mm) squares of scrapbook paper, but  6" (150 mm) regular origami paper will also work.

The instructions for both of them can be found in the book,  Zoogami; An Origami Menagerie at Your Fingertips, by Gay Merrill Gross.

Happy World Origami Days and Happy Halloween!

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