Sep 8, 2012

Origami Tower Box

One of the advantages of submitting diagrams to origami societies and conventions is, that if they are published, you receive a free copy of the publication.
That's how I got the Orison magazine Number 4 - 2012, published by the Origami Society Netherlands, where the diagram of my model Butterfly Tato was published.
It's in this magazine, that I found the instructions to make this beautiful Tower Box, designed by Winson Chan.
Origami Tower Box
The Tower Box is a set of stacked boxes, where the lid of one box is connected to the base of another box. It has three different sections: bottom, middle and top. I folded three middle sections, but you can fold any number of them.
Origami Tower Box
Each section of the box is folded with several pieces of paper of the same size (modular box): 5 for the bottom, 8 for each middle, and 4 for the top. I used 6" (150 mm) squares of scrapbook paper.
Besides the Orison magazine, I later found out that the instructions to fold the Tower Box are also available here.

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