Jul 29, 2012

Origami Gymnasts

Since Friday, I've been mesmerized watching the Olympic Games on TV, so I couldn't help but fold something related to the Olympiads. After browsing a few books, looking for ideas, I found two appropriate models designed by Akira Yoshizawa.  So here is my simplified version of a scene at the Olympic Games: an athlete preparing for the Floor exercise in the Artistic Gymnastics competition being encouraged by his coach.
Origami Gymnasts
The Man, and the Man Standing on Hands, are two models designed by Akira Yoshizawa, that can be found in the book, Origami Full of Life, ISBN 4916096312.
I folded each model with a 7 ½" (188 mm) square of  Reynolds Wrap Non-stick Pan Lining Paper, a nice and strong parchment-foil paper.


David Wires AKA David Donahue said...

Fun! I’ve used that material too its great…

Unknown said...

Thanks for the nice blog. It was very useful for me.

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