Jun 17, 2012

Origami Artist Trading Cards - Lily

Here is a pick of the cards that I sent this year to the Artist Trading Cards Swap organized by OrigamiUSA for the 2012 Convention (find more information about Artist Trading Cards here).
Origami Artist Trading Cards - Lily
I found inspiration in the book Encyclopedia of Cardmaking Techniques. I liked the idea of using the ribbon embroidery to represent the leaves and stalk, as it gave the cards some movement.
For the flower I glued an origami lily. Actually, I used half a lily in each card: I folded a lily, unfolded it, cut the square diagonally and refolded each half. It made the flower less bulky, and also allowed me to save some time.
I folded the flowers with 2" (50 mm) squares that I cut from Pacon Paper Squares - 9x9.

The lily (or iris) is a traditional origami model. The folding instructions can be found in many books and online sources .

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Linda said...

I am quite happy to have received your ATC this year via the trade. Thanks for always writing a great origami blog. ^_^

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