Feb 19, 2012

Spherical Origami, by Jun Mitani

Here are two beautiful and elegant spherical models from the book Spherical Origami, by Jun Mitani: Spherical Wrapping and Pleated Box
Spherical Origami, Jun Mitani

Spherical Origami, Jun Mitani

The book Spherical Origami, by Jun Mitani, ISBN 978457609161 (in Japanese), contains the instructions to fold 21 spherical models.
The first part of the book provides picture instructions that show how to collapse each model. At the end of the book there is a crease pattern for each model, printed in a heavy weight paper, similar to card stock, that can be detached from the book, cut and then folded.
I didn't want to use the original paper that comes with the book, so I transferred the patterns to another pieces of paper.
The Spherical Wrapping was folded with an octagon, and the Pleated Box was folded with a dodecagon, each of them cut from a letter size sheet of parchment paper.

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Peter said...

Those look awesome. I totally didn't know he had a book!

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