Dec 10, 2011

Christmas Origami: Santa and Elf

There will never be too many origami Santas! New Santa models keep materializing in the hands of origami creators year after year.
This time, Santa came accompanied by the Elves that make the toys in his workshop.
These models are easy to fold, look nice from every side, and can stand up easily. Here are a few things that you can do with them:
  • Glue a piece of ribbon on the top, and decorate your Christmas tree.
Christmas Origami: Santa and Elf
  • Create a really fun and low budget Christmas gift: A Christmas Tic-Tac-Toe. Just fold three of each, and place them over a colorful origami board game made of business card cubes.
Christmas Origami: Santa and Elf

Santa and Elf models are my design. Each model is folded from two squares of paper of the same size. Both models share the same base, a "combined preliminary base", only the folds that define the facial features are different. Here are the video instructions:

You can use different sizes and different types of paper to fold the models. The Santas and Elves in the pictures and in the video were folded with squares ranging from 4 ½" (113 mm)  up to 12" (300 mm). I folded some of them using regular origami paper, and some with scrapbook paper.
I folded the Santas and Elves for the tic-tac-toc using 4 ½" (113 mm) squares so that their base fits neatly within the faces of the board. The business card cubes instructions can be found here.

I hope you enjoy the models.

Merry Christmas!


maravillas en papel said...

Hermosos, santa y elfs, muy bien diseƱados y de sencilla apariencia y esto es preciso lo q los hace, muy lindos
Felicidades y plegare estas figuras


David Wires AKA David Donahue said...

An ornament and a toy, great fun, candy box too?

P Tanzy Maxfield said...

Thank you very much! Folded some for my co-workers. The elves may pass as members of the Board of Supervisors at another time!

Marcela Brina said...

Maravillas de papel, gracias por tus comentarios!
David, Tanzy, Thank you for your comments!
David, The candy box is a great idea. I'll try it.
Tanzy, Did your co-workers like them?

Leyla Torres said...

Fantastic model Marcela. Thank you for teaching it!!! I have designed a Santa candy container, but haven't published it yet.

nick robinson said...

a beautful design - congratulations!

Marcela Brina said...

Thanks Leyla! I would love to see your Santa candy container.
Thank you Nick! I appreciate your comments.

Suspinz: Dabbler in Many Things said...

Absolutely delightful, Marcela! I spent an enjoyable evening folding with your video and now have used up all my appropriate paper. These are just too much fun! Thank you.

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