Sep 17, 2011

Passion Flower - New Origami Model

Passion flowers, also known as passifloras, are very unique and beautiful flowers. Here is my origami version of them:

Passion Flower - New Origami Model

The passion flower model is my design. I folded the flowers in the picture with duo and patterned kami paper: 3" (75 mm) squares for the petal modules, and  2" (50 mm) squares for the stamen modules.
The passion flower petals consist of four "3 Pajaritas"modules that are joined with a stamens module. I called the petals module "3 Pajaritas," because it's just that. It's obtained by dividing the paper in quarters and then folding a traditional spanish pajarita in three of them. The stamens module is a bird base upside down, where each petal is folded inside in half, and then folded down.

The pictures below show the crease patterns and a detail of the modules.
Passion Flower - New Origami Model
Passion Flower - New Origami Model


graceline paper studio said...

Very beautiful and difficult looking. i do the simple kusudama flowers that I sell on my Etsy shop. i enjoy your delightful origami lessons and especially your gift of folding.

Wies said...

Great passion flowers. Thanks for showing and sharing all your wonderfull models.
I have folded and then added the butterfly tato and mothers day card to my blog.

Greeting, Wies

Marcela Brina said...

Thank you for your comments!

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