Aug 21, 2011

Wildflower Napkin Ring - Decorating with Origami

Origami models provide an interesting and inexpensive way of decorating a table for a special occasion, or just to break the everyday routine.
The great availability of paper colors and textures will help you set up the mood for the occasion. You can choose paper in different shades yellow, orange, and green for Thanksgiving or a fall party. Bright red and pink will be perfect for Valentine's Day. Red, gold, and green will decorate a Christmas table. Pastel shades of yellow, pink, and light blue will complement a Baby Shower party. And white, of course, will make a nice touch for a Wedding.

One of the origami models you can use to decorate a table is a napkin ring. Here is an easy one, a Wildflower Napkin Ring:

Wildflower Napkin Ring - Decorating with Origami

To assembly the napkin ring you will need one Wildflower, folded from a 4"(100 mm) square, and one connector, folded from a 2"x 4" (50 mm x 100 mm) rectangle. For the models in the pictures, I used washi paper in pastel shades of yellow and orange. You can change the length of the connector to accomodate the diameter of the ring to the size of your napkin.

Wildflower Napkin Ring - Decorating with Origami

As shown in the photograph above, you can replace the Wildflower with any of the following flowers from my book Contemporary Origami Decorations: Bicolor Wildflower, Bluet, Bicolor Bluet,  and Tropical Flower.  Just follow the guidelines in the "Mix and match" section of the book to select the appropriate paper size.

The following video shows how to fold and assemble the napkin ring, including how to fold a Wildflower. The Wildflower diagram is also available here. For the purpose of clarity, I used bigger paper in the video.

If you fold the ring from a smaller paper, for example a 2" (50 mm) square for the Wildflower, and a 1"x 2 1/2" (25 mm x 62 mm) rectangle for the connector, you will end up with a ring you can wear on your finger.


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