Aug 14, 2011

Origami Quilts - Double Windmill Module

An origami quilt is a particular type of modular origami that is made by joining flat modules to obtain beautiful geometric patterns, similar to the tiles in a quilt.

If framed, quilts will make colorful decorations for your walls. Smaller quilts, made with just a few units, can be used as coasters, or as decorations in scrapbook pages and greeting cards.
You can also make unusual decorative objects by shaping them like cylinders.

Here are some examples:

Origami Quilts - Double Windmill Module

Origami Quilts - Double Windmill Module

I made these quilts with modules that I called " double windmills", and a variation of them, both designed by me. The different patterns are obtained by changing the way in which I connected the modules.
Each module was folded with regular origami paper 3"x 3" (75 mm x 75 mm).

A lot of work, but so much fun!


Peter Saydak said...

Those are pretty cool, especially the cylinder one.

Marcelo 河 野 said...

Beautiful. I liked the colors and the composition of them.

Have a nice day!

Marcela Brina said...

Peter and Marcelo, thank you to both of you! I really enjoy folding modulars.

Unknown said...

Hola soy de Argentina y vi el módulo q llamas el nudo de los enamorados y no lo encuentro el desarrollos me podrías decir o mandarme el desarrollo grs un abrazo

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