Aug 28, 2011

Origami Quilt - Blue-Eyed Grass Flowers

This quilt was made by joining seven Blue-Eyed Grass flowers with nine hexagonal connectors. The final shape of the quilt resembles the interior of a beehive. 
Origami Quilt - Blue-Eyed Grass Flowers
Both the flowers and the connectors are my design. They were folded from hexagons cut from 6" (150 mm) of tant paper.
The joining method is strong and the quilt does not require glue to stay together. For the flowers, I used different shades of blue tant paper (Japanese Tant Origami Paper- 12 Shades of Blue 6 Inch Square), and for the connectors, I used different shades of yellow tant paper (Japanese Tant Origami Paper- 12 Shades of Yellow 6 Inch Square).

The model Blue-Eyed Grass flower originated from using, in other regular polygons, the same folding sequence as in my model Wildlflower. The polygons/flowers that I've folded so far with the same folding sequence are (see the picture below): triangle/Spring Flower, square/Wildflower, pentagon/Pimpernel, hexagon/Blue-Eyed Grass, heptagon/Hepatica, and octagon/Single Dahlia.

Origami Quilt - Blue-Eyed Grass Flowers


Anonymous said...

Any chance you may show how to fold the connectors?

Unknown said...

Can you post directions? I love this quilt and would love to make one.
Julie Hudy

Marcela Brina said...

I just posted video instructions for another quilt that uses the same flowers and connectors (just arranged differently) in the Videos page of this blog.
Thank you for your comments!

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