Aug 6, 2011

More "Sweet" Origami...

Are you one of those who cannot avoid folding every piece of paper that comes into your hand? Well, I am.

That's the case when I have candy wrappers available. I particularly like the foil-glassine or foil-wax paper wrappers. They behave like tissue-foil paper, folding nicely and holding the shape.
Many models from rectangular paper can be easily adapted to be folded with papers of slightly different proportions from the original design, so you will not need to cut your wrappers to size. Just remove any chocolate or sugar residue, and start folding :). Here are some examples:

More Sweet Origami - Candy Wrapper

More Sweet Origami - Candy Wrapper

The models in the picture were folded with cookie (alfajor) wrapping paper, that is approximately 5 1/2" x 7 1/2".
The boat and the hen are traditional models. They were designed for a 3:2 rectangle. I found the diagrams in the book Origami, el arte del papel plegado, by A. van Breda, but they are most likely available in many other books.
The peacock was designed by Adolfo Cerceda. It was designed for a 2:1 rectangle. Because I used a shorter rectangle, it looks more like a regular turkey than a peacock. The diagram is available in the book Fascinating Origami. 101 models by Adolfo Cerceda, by Vicente Palacios.

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