May 21, 2011

Castle - Origami Tessellation - New Video

This Castle uses the same pleating techniques that I used for the Cubes and Walls Tessellations.

Castle - Origami Tessellation - New Video

For this model, I used a 28"x 40" (700 mm x 1000 mm) sheet of elephant hide paper, where I folded a grid of 64 by 92 squares.
The towers and central structure consist of a series of 90-degree pleat intersection blocks. The walls are built by using the same folding techniques, but folding the pleats alternatively in both sides of the paper.  Once all the blocks are folded, they are then popped up or down. Here are two pictures of the model before becoming 3D, front side and back side.

Castle - Origami Tessellation - New Video

Castle - Origami Tessellation - New Video

I made a video demonstrating how to fold the 90-degree pleat intersection blocks, and another one with the castle tessellation, from 2D to 3D. Here they are:

I would like to thank the very talented band Rio for giving me permission to feature their song Curvando el tiempo as a sound track. You can listen and download more Rio's songs from or from


Ultimate Origami said...

Very awesome job! Thank you very much for making those two videos as well!

Marcela Brina said...

Thank you! I really enjoy folding tessellations.

Anonymous said...

i want mor instructions how to amke it u ve only posted a section of it but how to make final product that u made?:(

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