Apr 17, 2011

Decorative Bowls - New Origami Model

Origami bowls are nice decorations to leave around the house, or to use as table centerpieces for special occasions. They can be filled with candy, pebbles, tiny origami models, or colorful small items.

This time, I designed two simple bowls, one with a pentagonal center and the other with a hexagonal center. I decorated them with traditional origami cranes.

Decorative Bowls - New Origami Model

Decorative Bowls - New Origami Model

Each bowl was folded with a 8" (200 mm) square of elephant hide paper.
The following pictures depict the same bowls, seen from above:

Decorative Bowls - New Origami ModelDecorative Bowls - New Origami Model
Each crane was folded with a 2 ¾" (70 mm) square of regular kami paper.


L said...

They are really beautiful! I like more the hexagonal one :) Very good work.

Lucas Guesser - www.origamiconstructo.blogspot.com

David Wires AKA David Donahue said...

I like to make bowls with take out menus or brochures and leave them at the counter for business cards or for a penny catcher. These are great, they remind me of one by Nick Robinson http://www.nickrobinson.info/origami/gallery/dish30.jpg

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