Mar 13, 2011

Gargoyle - New Origami Model

I submitted this gargoyle model for the contest “THE JOUSTING OF THE GARGOYLES, In honor to Eric Joisel", organized by Eric Madrigal. You can find more information about this contest and other challenges in his blog.

Gargoyle - New Origami ModelGargoyle - New Origami Model

Both gargoyles are the same model. They were folded with 8" (200 mm) tissue-foil paper (Pack Tissue-foil Papers - 20 sheets - 30x30cm (11.8"x11.8")). The gargoyle on the left was folded with the foil side up and the gargoyle in the right was folded with the tissue side up.

Which one do you like the most?


Marcelo 河 野 said...

Hi Marcela.
I like so much your blog that now I am a follower.
It is very difficult to chose one of the mask, they are incredible! They are very cool!
Well, I choose the white one, because it looks like made of white marble.

Marcela Brina said...

Thank you Marcelo. I like the white one too!

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