Mar 27, 2011

Easter - Bunny Box - New Origami Model

The Bunny Box is a nice project for Easter. It can be filled with small chocolates, candy or, if positioned on the stand, it can decorate the Easter table. It can also be used as a party favor for children's birthday parties.

Easter - Bunny Box - New Origami Model

The Bunny Box consists of three parts: the box lid, the box bottom and the stand.

Easter - Bunny Box - New Origami Model

Each part of the box was folded with a 8" (200 mm) square of scrapbook paper. You can find the diagram here.

This box is a little unconventional, as in both the lid and the bottom, one of the edges is open. The open edge forms two flaps that are inserted into pockets to close the box.

Mar 19, 2011

Magnolias - New Origami Model

Today I folded some origami magnolias welcoming the Spring, and hoping that the warmer weather would bring some comfort and relief to the areas affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Magnolias - New Origami Model

The magnolias in the picture are my design. For each magnolia, I used two 6" (150 mm) squares of thin washi paper.

If you want to donate to the American Red Cross, click hereIf you live in other parts of the world, you can find the link to your local Red Cross in here.

Mar 13, 2011

Gargoyle - New Origami Model

I submitted this gargoyle model for the contest “THE JOUSTING OF THE GARGOYLES, In honor to Eric Joisel", organized by Eric Madrigal. You can find more information about this contest and other challenges in his blog.

Gargoyle - New Origami ModelGargoyle - New Origami Model

Both gargoyles are the same model. They were folded with 8" (200 mm) tissue-foil paper (Pack Tissue-foil Papers - 20 sheets - 30x30cm (11.8"x11.8")). The gargoyle on the left was folded with the foil side up and the gargoyle in the right was folded with the tissue side up.

Which one do you like the most?

Mar 11, 2011

St Patrick's Day - Shamrock - New Origami Model and Video

"For each petal on the shamrock, this brings a wish your way - good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every day."
Irish blessing
St Patrick's Day - Shamrock - New Origami Model and Video

The Shamrock is a variation of the four-leaf clover described in my previous post. Here are the instructions to fold the shamrock:

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Mar 5, 2011

Clover - New Origami Model

Some people believe that finding a four-leaf clover brings good fortune. So, if you are not lucky enough to find one in the park or in your backyard, why not try finding one on paper?

Clover - New Origami Model

Each of the three clovers in the picture was made out of two squares of paper of the same size: One for the leaves and one for the stem. No glue was required to join the two pieces.

You can find the diagram here. Although the diagram was drawn with two color paper for clarity purposes, I like to fold the model with paper that is the same color on both sides.

For the big clover, I used two 6" (150 mm) squares of tant paper. For each of the smaller ones, I used two 4" (100 mm) squares of kami paper.

I hope they bring good luck!