Feb 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Card - New Origami Model and Video

If you haven't prepared your Valentine's Day cards yet, here is a one more last minute idea for a card.

Valentine's Day Card - New Origami Model and Video

Here are the instructions:

The card is made of three pieces of paper: One for the envelope, one for the heart that acts as a lock, and another for the message that goes inside.

For the model in the video, I used the following papers:
  • one 12" (300 mm) square sheet of scrapbook paper with Valentine's motifs for the envelope
  • one 6" (150 mm) of red tant paper for the heart
  • one 5 1/2" (138 mm) square of pink card stock for the message. I printed poem in a letter size sheet of card stock and then cut it to size using craft scissors.
Happy Valentine's Day!


Karla I. GHdz said...

how can i make a heart??

Marcela Brina said...

Karla, the Heart instructions are in the video "Origami Heart Flower and Heart", that can be found in the Videos page of this blog. There is also a link to the video in the post of Feb 5, 2011.
Regards, Marcela

Slavka; e-mail: sisimoni9@abv.bg said...

Много красиво и практично. Доста се потрудих докато го направя, но успях :) Thanks Marcela Brina! I like your site.

Alex Sanders said...


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