Feb 26, 2011

Kusudama Flower and Pot - New Video

This Kusudama Flower and Pot model is a very fun fold. It is made assembling three kusudama flowers (traditional model), two of them with small variations. This is a very simple idea. I will not be surprised if it already has occurred to someone else before me.

Kusudama Flower and Pot - New Video

Here are the instructions:

For the model in the video, I used the following papers:
  • one 6" (150 mm) square sheet of scrapbook paper, for the pot.
  • one 4" (100 mm) square of green kami, same color on both sides, for the leaves.
  • one 4" (100 mm) square of orange washi, same color on both sides, for the flower.
The kusudama flower on the top can be replaced by other flowers, like a traditional lily. Which other flowers do you think will best complement the pot?


pleg√°ndome said...

Nice idea, great result with simple figures.

Modart said...

Wonderful idea for an excellent exercise of origami as group activity.Thanks!

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