Dec 11, 2010

Holiday Cards - New Tree Model

Trees are a common theme to decorate Holiday cards, especially in places where the Holiday Season comes  with winter and lots of snow. Origami trees give an elegant touch to handmade cards. Here are some ideas:

Holiday Cards - New Tree Model

Holiday Cards - New Tree Model

The trees on the card on the left are simple triangles folded from a square piece of paper.
The tree on the card on the right was designed by me, and is folded from 4 pieces of paper: 3 of 3" (75 mm)  for the branches and 1 of 4" (100 mm) for the trunk. No glue is require to assemble the model.
You can find the diagram here.

The trunk of the tree can also be folded at an angle to allow the model to stand up. I also created a bicolor version that resembles a snowy tree.

Holiday Cards - New Tree Model

Happy Holidays!


Patricia said...

Hermoso! Muchas gracias por compartirlo!

Unknown said...

Hello, how did you get the white on the tip? I can't work it out. Can you help?

Marcela Brina said...

Patricia, Gracias!

Susana, I haven't diagrammed the snowy version of the tree yet, but I have it on my list.


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