Nov 6, 2010

Kissing Cranes Picture Frame - Diagram

The Kissing cranes picture frame model is a variation of the Wildflower model. It can be folded using a square paper or a rectangular paper, thus obtaining picture frames for different picture sizes. You can find the diagram here.

The fan inside the square frame is a traditional model. The quilt inside the rectangular frame is a Tomoko Fuse's design.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marcela,

Can you post the link to the diagram again? It doesn't seem to work.

Thanks much for your lovely designs and hard work!

Marcela Brina said...

Sorry for that. It seems to be a Google issue (it happened before) We need to wait till they resolve it, last time it was resolved in a matter of a few hours. As a workaround, if you have a google account, you can try logging to your account first and then click on the link again.

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