Oct 24, 2010


Welcome to my origami blog!.

I'll be posting regularly about my designs, models that I folded from other designers, books that I like, and other origami-related topics.
The Origami P's page has some tips and tricks for beginners. Why P's? Well, I thought I could not get rid of "Paper" while talking about origami. Some P's are a little stretch but I thought it was funny.
There's also a diagrams section, where I'll be adding diagrams periodically.
This is my first attempt to do a website or a blog, so I would love to hear your comments.

I hope you find this blog interesting and come back soon.



Unknown said...

I think it is grat, a place people can share thier origami news and making new friends.
I am Origami artist and I think all the Origami patrons should chat more often, because origami isn't just about folding paper or an old art culture heritage, it's about people share life together and keep it a new and fun. Kyle Fu

martina said...

Me gusta el origami,estoy apenas aprendiendo, por eso puedo decir gracias por compartir.
Estaré siguiendo tu blog y aprendiendo un poco de tus cosas.

Gustavo Zarate SGI-AR said...

Excelente, Saludos cordiales

Nadia Altaparro said...

Muy lindos los plegados!
Felicitaciones y suerte con tu blog!

Marcela Brina said...

Thank you all for your comments!
Gracias a todos por sus comentarios!

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