Jul 5, 2015

Origami Boxes: Square Box

This is another beautiful box, designed by Tomoko Fuse. It looks elegant, and it's very easy to fold.
Origami Boxes: Square Box
The instructions can be found in the book Beautiful Origami Boxes, by Tomoko Fuse.
I folded each box with one 8" (200 mm) square of scrapbook paper.

Jun 14, 2015

Origami Decoration: Summer Basket

I learned this cute basket in one of our local origami group meetings. It can be used to treat your friends with candy, or as a decoration.
Origami Decoration: Summer Basket
The instructions for the Summer Basket can be found in the book, The Joy of Origami, by Margaret Van Sicklen.
Shellene, one of our origami group members, came up with a finishing variation, that makes the basket sturdier (it's this variation that I'm showing in the picture). In step 15 of the instructions, instead of folding the flaps to the inside, fold the top triangle to the outside and then fold the flap horizontally to the outside and then down. This will allow to tuck it inside the outside rim.
The flowers that decorate the basket are a variation of the traditional lily.

I folded the basket with a 8½" (216 mm) square cut from a letter size sheet of parchment paper. The handle was folded with the leftover strip.
The flowers were folded with 3" (75 mm) squares of regular origami paper.